Children's Dentistry

Positive dental care for children

Our aim is to introduce a positive dental experience to our young patients in a fun way, so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and happy. We ensure that children’s dentistry at Smileplus is an enjoyable experience for parents and children alike.

Most children’s dental diseases are preventable and by helping your child develop good oral health habits early we can help ensure they have a beautiful cavity-free smile for life.

We know that a healthy diet and good oral care are essential for a healthy lifestyle and our aim is to promote this by teaching kids how to brush and floss correctly and what foods to avoid. Children should visit the dentist by their second birthday so they become familiar with the environment and enjoy coming.

Medicare Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme has recently been introduced. This scheme gives children between they ages of 2 and 17 $1000 worth of dental treatment over two years. It covers such treatment as examinations, scale and cleans, fissure sealants, fillings and extractions. If your family receives Family Tax Benefit A you should qualify and you will receive notification from Medicare. Once you receive this notification just bring in your Medicare card and your children will receive free treatment with our dentists and hygienist.

SmilePlus Dental Practice

To help ensure good oral health for your children here’s some things you should know:

  • Brush children’s teeth twice a day and supervise brushing which can be a challenge for small hands.
  • Limit children’s sugar intake by giving healthy snacks
  • Give them water to drink not juice or sugary drinks
  • Baby teeth are important as they save space for adult teeth to grow in straight. Losing baby teeth early because of decay is painful and can cause crooked teeth later.
  • Teeth need fluoride to stay strong and fight decay
  • Don’t send your baby to bed with milk in their bottle. The milk sits in their mouth when they are sleeping and this can cause tooth decay because milk contains natural sugars.
  • Dental sealants or fissure sealants help prevent cavities by filling the grooves of children’s molar teeth with a hard plastic material. They are easy and painless for our dentist or hygienist to apply.
  • Help your child to floss between their teeth.