General dentistry, prevention and maintenance

A confident and happy smile is achieved through continued preventative care. Our goal is to inform you on the importance of preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Preventing problems can help you to remain confident about the state of your oral health and also reduce the need for future extensive dental care.

Our team of dentists and hygienists will ensure your teeth are clean, free of stains and your gums are healthy. We also offer preventative measures such as fissure sealing your teeth to prevent decay.

We also make a range of mouthguards in team colours, occlusal splints to prevent tooth grinding and devices to cure snoring. Our dentists are experts in children’s dental care and can help your children have beautiful teeth and gums for life.

Scale and polish

A professional scale and polish removes the hard material that can build up under your gums and between your teeth that brushing can never remove. If this build up is not removed it can lead to gum disease or gingivitis and in turn periodontal disease. Gum disease leads to tooth loss and heart disease and of course bad breath. So it is a necessary part of your dental routine.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is the first sign of gum disease or gingivitis and it’s important that you know how to brush and floss properly to cure this problem. Seeing your dentist or hygienist regularly for a scale and polish and check up will keep not only your gums and teeth healthy but your entire body in tip top shape for life.

Fissure Sealants

This is a hard plastic material that is applied to the fissures (the deep biting surfaces) of the molar teeth to prevent decay forming. It is a cost effective and easy preventative measure to stop children having tooth decay.


Our dentists would rarely if ever use anything other than a white coloured filling. Our team keep up with all the latest technology to find the best products ensuring you get a natural looking, strong restoration.

Inlays and Onlays

These are a stronger way of repairing teeth to avoid food packs and restore a patient’s bite. They are made of a strong, natural looking tooth coloured material.

Amalgam Replacement

Previously teeth were restored with ugly, grey amalgam fillings. When these fillings need replacing due to fracture or decay, we can replace them with natural looking white fillings. Some people choose to have all their amalgam fillings replaced and we can work out a plan to carry out this treatment.

General Dental Hygene

Wisdom teeth

Usually wisdom teeth can cause problems and pain between the ages of 17 and 25. The most common problem is infection of the overlying gum and may need to be treated with antibiotics. This can be painful and occasionally serious. Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding of the other teeth. Often a pocket develops between the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front that is difficult to keep clean. This may lead to food trapping and decay starting in the wisdom tooth, or worse, in the second molar tooth in front. This can cause bad breath and an unpleasant taste.

To alleviate or prevent these problems often wisdom teeth removal is the only answer. Our dentists are experienced with wisdom teeth removal and they can administer happy gas to help you be more relaxed in the chair. Otherwise our patients can chose to have treatment under general anaesthetic in a day hospital. You are asleep during treatment and wake up with no memory of the dental procedure.


Our experienced team of dentists all perform teeth extractions where necessary. Our dentists can administer happy gas to help you feel more relaxed during treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or endodontic treatment is used to save a tooth that has been badly damaged from decay, disease or injury. Problems with biting, chewing and oral health are associated with losing a tooth. It is important to try to keep teeth to avoid bigger more expensive problems in the future.


If you have a dental emergency we will do our utmost to get you a same day appointment.


Toothaches can be part of life but it usually takes a few weeks for a little discomfort in the mouth to turn into a full blown toothache. That’s why it’s important to try to book in when it’s a little problem not a big problem. However if you have a toothache it’s important to be seen straight away because you may have infection which can quickly develop into something more major and this can affect your overall health. Also unfortunately the rule of thumb is that the longer you leave it the more painful and expensive it becomes!

Sporting Mouthguards

It is very important for young people to protect their teeth from injury while competing on the sporting field. A knock to the teeth when you are young can lead to a lifetime of dental problems and expense. A custom made mouthguard is an inexpensive and necessary way to protect your teeth. They are far superior to an ‘off the shelf’ mouthguard because they are close fitting, more comfortable and have a better cushioning effect.

Please Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.