Dentistry for Nervous Patients

Uncomfortable about a dental visit?

Not many people love coming to the dentist and we understand that past experiences, sounds and smells can produce anxiety. Even the simplest visit can make some patients nervous. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you overcome or manage your fear. We burn essential oils to mask the smells and every patient is offered music on an ipod, a lavender eye mask and a hot towel after treatment.

If that is not enough for you we have a range of other treatments for dental phobia. From no needle anaesthetic to happy gas or you can even sleep your way through your dental treatment.

However our greatest achievement is to help patients cure their fear over time by building trust with open communication, patience and a little bit of humour thrown in.

Needle free local anaesthetic

Injex is a pain free, needle free way of dispensing local anaesthetic. It’s particularly good for treating children and people who have a needle phobia. Now the Smileplus dentists can make you totally numb without a needle for pain free dental treatment.

Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide)

If you are a nervous patient, the Smileplus dentists can administer nitrous oxide gas to help relieve your anxiety during treatment and make you more relaxed in the dental chair.

Sleep Dentistry – General Anaesthetic

Some people have a true dental phobia and if nitrous oxide gas is not an option for you, you can opt to have all your treatment done while you are asleep under a general anaesthetic at Pacific Private Day Surgery. You wake up with no memory of the smells or sounds of your dental procedure. Dental treatment that would normally take several appointments can be done in one treatment easily and safely. It is also a great option for some children, special needs patients or those with a disability.

Not everyone is suitable for sedation dentistry. Please consult with one of our clinicians and your local health professional before undergoing treatment under sedation.