TMJ Disorders - Smileplus Dental

Due to high stress levels in the world today, more and more people are experiencing TMJ problems. Waking up with headaches, chronic jaw pain and grinding and clenching teeth while sleeping are all too common. As dental professionals, many of our patients are experiencing these issues every day. Over time it can lead to a large range of dental problems, including worn enamel and cracked teeth.

We want to share with you the options that we’ve found have worked for our patients.

Effects TMJ have on teeth

Occlusal splints:
Sometimes known as a ‘night guard’, occlusal splints are a special kind of mouthguard that is worn overnight to reduce the amount of grinding pressure that is placed on your teeth while sleeping. Usually grinding and clenching teeth is common during periods of high stress, a lot of people don’t even realise they are doing it while they sleep. An occlusal splint can alleviate this pressure, and often, once this habit in the muscles is broken, it may only need to be worn sporadically and not every single night.

A splint can be easily made for you, with our dentist needing only an impression of your teeth for it to be fabricated.


Botox for grinding:
Usually associated purely for cosmetic procedures, Botox injections are now being used as a way of keeping night-time grinding and clenching under control. A specialist can inject Botox into each side of the masseter muscles to prevent the unconscious action of clenching and grinding during sleep.